Inside of Far from Grace

Hello Folks,
This is Zee reporting to you from front of laptop on a breezy cold day in chicago. Music is my passion since childhood and it is always been a source of communication and expression to me. I remember since i started learning guitar i always wanted to write about what i feel close to my heart. Now finally i am able to share my music with you guys. I am so excited to take you to this journey with me and i hope you will also enjoy it. I am going to write series of blogs about what inspired me to write these songs and how i came up with the ideas and stuff.  So, the first one is ‘Far from Grace’.

Far from Grace:

Since i decided to write this record  i wanted to write a simple traditional ballad with my own flavor. Dream theater’s Another day is one example a soulful beautiful ballad which is certainly the inspiration behind this song.  This song is the 2nd i composed for the record but i feel that this one can easily introduce ‘Fire Garden’ to the world as being one easy listenable song and so far the response have been great as expected.
The song starts with clean guitar arpeggios with chorus effect on it. The intro idea came up when i was noodling with my acoustic guitar and i wanted to write something in odd time signature so this one is in 5/8 time and tempo around 140 bpm. The rest of the song mostly in 6/8 time on a slower tempo but verse have some breaks in between which gives my own flavour to traditional ballad.
I will post a video guitar lesson on how to play intro and guitar solos of this song…stay tuned for that.


After completing the basic song strucutre it was time to write lyrics. I saw a youtube video of Sir Ken Robinson speech on TED platform  which urges me to read his book “The Element” and since i move to USA i see some strange kind of pressure (mostly on immigrants people) faces is to PAY BILLS, Heavy Mortages and doing jobs which they don’t love.
So, i decided to write a lyrics about a Person who is killing his passion for the same reasons i mentioned above but with a belive that someday he will bring his passion back and acheive his goals.
Hopefully you got the story behind the Far from Grace song…. read the full lyrics here
You can listen to the sound below, also check the lyrical video of the song



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