Zee’s Playlist – April 2017

Greetings fellas,
April came and gone I know it’s already May but my excuse is that I was busy with the band preparing for our show on 04/28 with Tiles and Sonus Umbra and guess what…a week before the show I got sick with a bad cough and I could not sleep in the night, went to doctor immediately but no remedy, the cough was that bad that 3 days before the show at rehearsal I was not able to sing anything. so, we just rehearse the set with minimum vocals and hoped for the best…here comes the show day, I felt a little better taking tons of warm tea, honey, medicine, halls and all the shit whatever I could take …. we booked this show 4 months ago and now I am going through this painful feeling…why now? God help me… here comes 15 minutes before the show time and we decided to cut Blood Moon from the set so we can play less and well…. I am trying to talk less (people must be thinking I am acting Rock star at the venue)…I didn’t warmup my voice to fear of losing voice…here comes the show time, first track The Joker…Intro comes in and I raised my arms in the air (to pose metal) but guess what…I hit my hand on Allen’s guitar and dropped my pick LOL good thing I had extra picks on my mic stand I quickly grabbed new one before hit the first chord … not a good start… here’s comes the first verse and I am not sure what will come out? but I felt OK I was able to hear myself well in my in-ears monitors OK now I can really control what I am singing….the FOH (Front of the house) mix I was not sure but If I can hear myself well I can sing well simple…Joker went really powerful and we all looked at each other and said this is going to be great night….we played Alone, A New Day, There’s Something, Time Machine, Life of a Drifter and Faint Shadows. Our performance went really good and I think it was our best performance so far. During Drifter and Faint Shadows the stage sound mix went really out of the way not sure what happened but we kept playing….that’s how you rock and roll. You can check our setlist on this website 
Tiles came on stage second and they rocked the house, they played tight and sounded really pro…fans loved it. Late night Sonus rocked the stage with some brilliant improvisations and some great covers in the set. In the end I felt really satisfied how the show went and everyone was helpful and supportive. We made many new fans and some fans attended the show came all the way from Grand Rapids and one fan who bought our CD from Burning Shed (UK) he didn’t knew that we were from Chicago what a surprise. It was really great to see all thumbs up from the audience and meet new fans.
Music videos yes I was holding our music videos but you will definitely see new video in May. I got the first version of Life of a Drifter and WOW it is really looking awesome can’t wait to share it. Still no signs of new music but I have plans to start writing it very soon.
Here are the albums I was listening to in April.

  1. Pat Mastelotto & Markus Reuter – Face
  2. George Harrison – All Things Must Pass
  3. Steve Hackett – The Night Siren
  4. Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
  5. The Contortionist – Exoplanet
  6. Norma Jean – Polar Similar
  7. Deep Purple – Infinite
  8. Haken – The Mountain
  9. U.K. – U.K.