Zee’s Playlist – April 2018


Wo Wo Wo… so many things happened since I posted my last update, sometimes all you need is one thing for a change.

After I posted my March update, I saw a post from Jordan Rudess that he is auditioning singers to sing David Bowie Space Oddity with him, first I thought I am not worthy enough then I saw he is playing a show in Seattle and I already had planned my business trip (the thing I do for living) weeks in advance…I thought doesn’t hurt to give it a try I was already familiar with the song and played few times on Facebook live chat as well. I recorded vocals and submitted the audition tape, couple of days passed and I got an email that Jordan liked my audition and WOOHOOO…there you go

To keep the story short, It was just a perfect day and time to make things happened for me and I am extremely happy that the performance went well, I was certainly nervous big time in the start but got comfortable later. I got a great response from the audience as well and they showed me thumbs up after I came off stage and took photos with me.

Here is the video you can watch it on YouTube


The show at Quenchers Saloon went really well, we played an acoustic set and got a great response from the audience. Some fans even asked me if I have any live albums at the merch table…the band played great, and I was happy with my vocal performance as well. We have video footage I would probably post it sometime soon.

Talking about videos, finally, I got a chance to complete my edit of Faint Shadows music video here it is, check it out


Next Fire Garden show is on Saturday, May 26 at Q-Bar in Darien IL we are supporting great Porcupine Tree cover band Cloud Zero if you are in town please come and support, we are playing a new instrumental and some revamped versions of old songs including few covers.

About new music I have written some more stuff and going to start demoing it….I am going to shortlist few guests for the next record and start contacting them…fingers crossed…more on it laterzzzz….

Here is what I was listening to this April

  1. Jordan Rudess – Listen
  2. Kino – Radio Voltaire
  3. Stu Hamm – The Diary of Patrick Xavier
  4. The Cyberium – The Cyberium
  5. Gleb Kolyadin – Gleb Kolyadin
  6. Rian Adkinson – Heathens
  7. Failure – In the Future
  8. Primus – Sailing the Seas of Cheese
  9. Jacob Collier – In My Room
  10. Steve Vai – Sex & Religion
  11. Jack White – Boarding House Reach