Zee’s Playlist – August 2016

Greetings Fellas,
WOW just WOW….what a week Dream come true opening for Haken and Thank You Scientists was something magical. We played 30 minute set including The Joker, Alone, There’s Something (From new record) and Time Machine and the audience response was amazing. Dozens of people signed up for email list, bought CDs and tons of people gave us a thumbs up and great compliments. This was something really exceeded my expectations usually nobody gives a damn about opening bands and how cool is that when Haken’s drummer Ray Hearne recorded our video from balcony and showed us after performance. Words can’t describe the joy and excitement that’s what I wanted to see this band going and this is start of something beautiful. I have uploaded some photos from the show on our Facebook page check them out. 
Regarding new album Bruce Soord is back from the vacation and I have reviewed Version 2 of the mixes, sounds like we are done 90% with the mixes this record is going to be very special. Hopefully by next week we will have all mixes done and I would be ready to send it for mastering. I am in process of completing the booklet artwork and its all coming along.
Here are the album I am listening this August

  1. The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness
  2.  Thank You Scientist – Stranger Head Prevail
  3. Comus – Song to Comus
  4. Karmakanic – DOT
  5. Jeff Beck – Loud Hailer
  6. Electric Light Orchestra – Out of the Blue
  7. Ween – White Pepper
  8. Devin Townsend – Infinity
  9. David Bowie – The Next Day

Happy Progging,