Zee’s Playlist – August 2017

Greetings fellas,
Just realized that we are half way in September and I haven’t posted August updates, my apologies. But the good news is that I have started writing next Fire Garden record, at this moment it’s probably safe to say that I have 3 songs written, next step is to complete the demos which I have 1 out of 3 ready and pretty happy with it.
So far, it’s hard to say the direction of music but overall my goal is to write shorter and to the point songs. of course, there would be PROG elements in it but I am trying to change my approach as a producer and songwriter. The challenge is to keep the length of the song within a certain time frame or doesn’t follow the typical song structures or chord progressions that I have already done in the past or approach instruments differently without going with typical cliche sounds, in a nutshell, it’s to do something different.
The current music scene I am not sure what to say. I have been listening to quite a lot music but everything is sounding same to me, metal bands are using same rectifier guitar tones for decades, Djent bands are trying to impress with this cliche muted riffs looks like music quality is going down, it usually works in waves some years are great for music and some are so so.  However, I do like the latest Paul Draper’s Spooky Action and new Steven Wilson record To the Bone. There are some great moments on the record, songs such as Refuge and Song of Unborn are my personal favorites.  I got the album on iTunes and ordered the blu-ray from Amazon and it is almost a month and they have not shipped it. Hopefully, I will get it in coming weeks.
Finally, we do have an upcoming show in Chicago at Beat Kitchen on October 1st so be there.
Here what I was listening to this August…

  1. Steven Wilson – To the Bone
  2. Paul Draper – Spooky Action
  3. Hans Zimmer – Dunkirk Soundtrack
  4. Tiles – Presents of Mind
  5. Rush – Counterparts
  6. Coldplay – Kaleidoscope EP
  7. Solstafir – Berdreyminn
  8. Genesis – Invisible Touch
  9. Nine Inch Nails – With Teeth
  10. Brand X – Is there anything about
  11. Dixie Dregs – Free Fall
  12. Steely Dan – Can’t Buy a Thrill
  13. Plini – Handmade Cities
  14. Cairo – Say


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