Zee’s Playlist – February 2017

Greetings fellas,
Feb went so quickly aah…not much progress, frustrated and tons of things added to my “TODO” list. I’ve been working day and night with venues and promoters around USA to bring the band in your town but its a slow and shitty process, sometimes I really think I need a manager to take care of all of this but not in a position unless we become a regular performing act.
“A New Day” video editing is in progress I had a first draft version and got few feedback hopefully get it done in next couple of weeks, the video should be out in March.  Life of  a Drifter video I am working with great people at Crystal Spotlight and they are cooking something really cool, more updates on it later…
My live band drummer Paul Kilkenney is no longer with the band I have been in a search for a new drummer and happy to announce that Bill Kiser who has played with band “Relayer”  is on-board and we had a great audition with him and he nailed Jimmy Keegan’s parts perfectly. I am looking forward to work with him and our next show is on Friday 04/28 at Reggies Music Joint Chicago with band Tiles and Sonus Umbra. We will be playing some our classic epics and Blood Moon for you so don’t miss this unique show. We have couple of shows confirmed outside Chicago which will be announced in March so finger crossed.
Regarding new music I didn’t much get a chance to work on anything with peaceful mind  but I have a very strong direction where I want to go…hopefully I will stick with it 🙂
Anyways enough talking here is what I’ve been listening to in February.

  1. Genesis – Trick of the Tail
  2. Porcupine Tree – Nil Recurring (EP)
  3. Blackfield – V
  4. Tim Bowness – Lost in the Ghost Light
  5. The Mute Gods – Tardigrades will Inherit the Earth
  6. Talk Talk – Spirit of Eden
  7. Rick Wakeman – Piano Portraits
  8. Haken – Aquarius (reissue 2017)
  9. Haken – Visions (reissue 2017)