Zee’s Playlist – January 2017



Apologies for my late update of January,  as you might know we had a show on 01/28 at Elbo Room Chicago.  The show went well I am really happy to see the progress of this band we are getting tighter with each performance, still I am aware of few improvements that we can bring to the show and we are working on it. Glad to see few familiar faces in the audience and special thanks to John Baldyga who came all the way from Denver to see us. Last year in January I decided to take FG to next level and form a live band, Far and Near was still in recording phase and I can’t believe how quickly I was able to find the right people. We have another show coming up on April 04/28 with well known PROG band Tiles and we might have one before that.

We filmed 2 music videos in 1 day some of you might’ve seen the stills from the footage, so far we have filmed A New Day and Life of a Drifter. I am working with well known video director we have talked about the story-line for Drifter and I can’t wait to show the complete thing.

It’s great to see the response of Far and Near from all over the world. Our distributor from Germany Just For Kicks Music asked me to send more copies as they were SOLD OUT…which is beyond my imagination, similarly Burning Shed asked me to send more copies as they surpass the pre-orders which they anticipated…Thanks for all of you for amazing support. Another proud moment when Jordan Rudess recently gave me a shout out  in a recent Interview at Closet Concert Arena check his interview and Vinny did a review of the album as well.

We have a show booked outside Chicago in summer which will be announced soon there are still some missing puzzles to fit in so keep your fingers crossed.

Regarding new music I have some strong Ideas going around and have started to demoing it and I am already in talk with the featured guest musician and received a very positive response from him…it’s not happening soon but I am planning to at-least complete my demos this year.

Enough talk here is what I was listening to this January

  1. Pain of Salvation – In the Passing Light of Day
  2. Jane Getter Premonition – ON
  3. CRX – New Skin
  4. Infinite Spectrum – Haunter of the Dark
  5. American Jazz Fusion Collection
  6. Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Patriots Day  (Soundtrack)
  7. John Mayer – The Search for Everything
  8. Weather Report – Heavy Weather