Zee’s Playlist January / February / March 2018


Greetings fellas,

First of all, I certainly apologize for not posting any updates this year. Life is challenging and sometimes you have to shift priorities to get back on track. Nothing critical but I am coming back on track. Anyways, I thought it would be better to combine last 3-month playlists and FG updates into this post it would be long but fun to read so here it is…..

January started with a f***ing storm in Chicago. For a week there was no time to think about a music but about a shovel and snow. Anyways joke aside, I started January with recording drum and bass tracks on a couple of tracks for a friend, FG guys Bill Kiser and Marc Malitz helped me with that while I enjoyed wearing producer and engineer hat then I got an opportunity to work on a short movie score, my friend Amin Rupani was directing the film. If you follow my playlists there is always one or two soundtracks in the list, I always wanted to do a score for a movie. I saw the rough edit and I liked the story and direction so I took the opportunity.
So move title was Boxes of Chocolates where to start? that’s the fun thing about music you always start with a clean slate, the beauty of music is that it exists in the air and you have to collect and store it. I sent 3 different ideas of the initial 30 seconds of the movie to the director and he loved the 3rd one…so there it is I got the direction. Moving on director really liked my songs Life of a Drifter and Far from Grace which fits perfectly on some scenes so we used them in the score. The real challenging thing was to do the main climax of the movie. Director and I both were on the same page that music had to be impactful. After goofing around with some ideas I hit some notes on the piano and WOW!!!! that’s it and I started building puzzles pieces together and Yes that’s what I wanted that’s how it should go…I sent the scene to the director and he didn’t say anything it was perfect. I am extremely happy how it came out, of course, if you ask me again I might do a completely different thing. I am happy with the end results, the movie had a screening in Chicago which went really well the reviews were great and I just got notified that the movie is selected at the national level and will be presented in LA later in March 2018.



February get back to the FG business (No I don’t have Cigar in my hand yet). We played a show at Martyrs in Chicago. It’s a great venue with good stage and sound and people. It was brought to my knowledge that Porcupine Tree has played there back in 2002 In Absentia tour. We have played there before but the performance was a disaster IMO or at least compared to how we play now hahaha. This time I was happy to say we’ve killed the ghosts of Martyrs’ but a little disappointed that not many people showed up from our side. John Baldya fan and now a friend traveled again from Denver to see us and people like him always inspire you to keep things going. I would again say Thank you to him. I went to see Porcupine Tree cover band Cloud Zero they covered a whole Deadwing record which is I think my favorite from PT and I had a great time meeting some FG fans in the audience as well watching Cloud Zero they did justice to it. Keeping the PT vibes recently I received a copy of Rich Wilson unofficial book “Time Flies: The Story of Porcupine Tree” you can read my name in the Rolls of Honour.




March I got an email from a venue to play a show with our friends Sons of Ra and I said yes but we wanted to do something different so we decided to play all acoustic set this time. I write most of the songs and riffs on acoustic guitar and piano, and songs are easily adjustable on acoustic which is quite cool. If you are nearby or in town please come and show some support. I saw Stu Hamm live which was really fun and inspiring.




Musically I am feeling much inspired now and I think it is time to start writing seriously/with focus next FG release. I revisited my demos that I did last year and I still like them especially the song working title ‘High in the Sky’ is definitely going to be on next record. Listening to a lot of classic prog again and my love of PROG is getting back. Videos I didn’t get much time to do any progress on them but they will be out very soon stay tuned.

Here what I was listening to in last 3 months…

  1. Chris Squire – Fish Out of Water
  2. King Crimson – Radical Action….
  3. Mahavishnu Orchestra – Inner Worlds
  4. Genesis – Duke
  5. David Bowie – The Man Who Sold the World
  6. Between The Buried and Me – Automata 1
  7. David Crosby – If I Could Only Remember My Name
  8. The Beatles – Abbey Road
  9. One Less Reason – Memories Uninvited
  10. John Lennon – Plastic Ono Band
  11. Joe Satriani – What Happens Next
  12. Neil Young – Hitchhiker
  13. Moonparticle – Hurricane Esmeralda
  14. Aphex Twin – Cheetah EP
  15. Tangerine Dream – Zeit
  16. Procol Harum – Novum