Zee’s Playlist – June 2017


Greetings fellas,

June, we have been rehearsing our set for upcoming shows in July in Bowling Green Ohio and Buffalo NY. I am very excited about these shows as this is first time I am taking Fire Garden on national tour, it’s a short stint, 3 days trip but hopefully it would be good experience and we will build on top of it. My humble request to you all that if you are near by even 1-2 hours away please come and show your support, nothing better than fans showing up to the gigs that’s what matters.


Regarding new music, I have few strong ideas lying around for a while but waiting to start writing demos with fresh mind. I think I will get in the zone after our mini tour coming next week. This time my personal goal is to stay away from Steven Wilson and Dream Theater music, they are hard to avoid when comes to writing new songs haha….technically Far and Near had less Dream Theater influence overall but again that music is in my blood.

On the side last year I did guitars on a track for friend of mine and Marc Malitz (Fire Garden bassist) did a bass on it Asad Que Khayal not to forget Glen Drover (former Megadeth) did a 2nd guitar solo on it check this out . I am also producing a track for friend of mine Jimmy Keegan did drums on it and Marc played bass as well, it is coming out nicely more details on it soon.

A New Day music video was a success so on coming Tuesday we are releasing a brand new music video of Life of a Drifter featuring one and only Jordan Rudess. The music was directed by Crystal Spotlight and I am really looking forward to it. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to first to know. 

Following records I was listening to in June.

  1. Roger Waters – Is this the Life we really want ?
  2. Swans – The Great Annihilator (Remastered)
  3. King Crimson – Thrak
  4. Anathema – The Optimist
  5. Procol Harum – Procol Harum
  6. Rush – Exit…Strage Left
  7. Genesis – Wind & Wuthering
  8. White Willow – Future Hopes
  9. Goldray – Rising
  10. Gorillaz – Demon Days
  11. The Beatles – Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (25th Anniversary Stereo Edition)
  12. Nad Sylvan – The Bride Said No
  13. The Sword – Greetings From (Live)
  14. Landberk – Jag ar Tiden


I have updated my Monthly MixTapes on Spotify, check and follow it