Zee’s Playlist – June 2018


Greetings fellas,

June is over, after the last show we went on some kind of a mini break to recharge our batteries, the next Fire Garden show is on Aug 9, we will provide more details on it next week.

Regarding the new album I am still waiting for some inspiration to progress, I am recording rough ideas but not completing them, maybe I am too busy with other stuff in life. On last band rehearsal, I shared a few riffs with the band to jam over it and I heard some life in that maybe that would kick the inspiration that I am waiting for.

Editing of a new music video is almost complete, I am waiting for a few minor edits we might release it in sometime in August, I am also working on some studio and video work for other people, that would keep me busy in July.

Beside that nothing much….here is what I was listening to in June…

  1. Yanni – Sensuous Chill
  2. Spock’s Beard – Noise Floor
  3. Nothing but Thieves – Broken Machine
  4. Supertramp – Famous Last Words
  5. Peter Gabriel – Scratch
  6. Ghost – Prequelle
  7. Karmic Juggernaut – The Dreams That Stuff are Made of
  8. Jonathan Davis – Black Labyrinth
  9. The Sea Within – The Sea Within
  10. Devin Townsend Project – Deconstruction


Hopefully, I would have some more fun updates in July.  You can follow my Monthly MixTapes on Spotify