Zee’s Playlist – May 2017


Greetings fellas,

Again my apologies for posting a bit late…this is my May’s playlist and updates and I know we are already in June but I should catch up, I also need to update the website with latest reviews of Far and Near lots of things in my to-do list haha
May was busy we finally released our first music video of a song “A New Day” and response was amazing, it was our most shared video on Facebook, fans loved it, we made some new fans and some so called “Prog Snobs” hated it,  its funny people judge the band on first few seconds on any music video but I usually don’t care about comments. I do what I think presents my records as a package. I usually try to write all songs different from each other. Check the music video and let me know your thoughts.


We announced a new show in Bowling Green Ohio. On our way to Buffalo NY we decided it would be good idea to touch another city on our route. Mark Mikel Group, Monstrosadus are local to bowling green. So, if you are near by please come and show your support on Friday July 14th at Howard’s Club H. Thanks to Tiles for arranging this show.


PROG Magazine published a review Far and Near in April’s issue and the magazine is now available in USA at Bars and Noble.


It was extremely sad to hear the passing of Chris Cornell  and Pakistani legendary guitar player Amir Zaki. Both of them were highly influential in my early musicianship days. I always loved Chris Cornell voice, big fan of him, musically you might not hear much influence of Soundgarden in Fire Garden but word “Garden” is there. I remember when Audioslave came into the scene it blew me away I was big on playing their songs with my friends.  His James bond movie song “You Know My Name” is one of my all time favorites songs.

Amir Zaki was one of the unique talent from Pakistan. The guy was the first one (I believe) who released a guitar instrumental album in 90’s in Pakistan. His song “Mera Pyar” got huge and every kid who wants to learn guitar wanted to play that song, the song is not very choppy but its a good memorial pop/rock tune. Zaki was also great in Jazz again talking about mainstream I think he was one the first one who explored jazzier side of the guitar in Pakistan. May God rest their souls in peace.

Here is what I was listening to last month. I also decided to create a Spotify playlist for my favorite songs each month, please follow the playlist and share it. I will update it every month.

  1. Lonely Robot – The Big Dream
  2. Sun Ra – Discipline 27 II
  3. Soup – Remedies
  4. Chris Cornell – Euphoria Morning
  5. Mike & The Mechanics – Let Me Fly
  6. Brad Paisley – Love and War
  7. Ayreon – The Source
  8. Jellyfish – Spilt Milk