Zee’s Playlist – November/December 2017

Greetings fellas,
This is one of the craziest time of the year, never happened before. Things are usually slow during holidays time but for some reasons, my life is 360 up-side-down. I missed the November update and just realized that we are already halfway through in December so my apologies and here is my combo update for November and December 2017. I will post my favorite albums of 2017 and year in review as a separate post.
Music wise I didn’t get much time into songwriting, I think after 3 weeks I picked up the guitar today and accidentally hit a chord that I was searching for sometime to connect the verse idea to new section..it felt good, also I listened to the demos that I’ve written and I am still liking it, that’s one of the signs that these songs would make it to the record. Regarding my studio work, I was busy with some of the demos for my clients and adding some items to the pipeline.
In November we played our last show of 2017 at Livewire lounge, the show went well and I think performance wise it was our best show, for the first time I felt that band is not worried about sound issues and playing naturally. Right now we are taking a month off from any rehearsals and musical activities and will get together sometime in January and discuss revamping our live show. We filmed a music video of Faint shadows, the footage is looking awesome, I started doing a rough edit but then I stopped (due to my crazy schedule), hopefully, I will pick it up soon. Oh it was great to catch up with my friend Jordan Rudess when Dream Theater was in town for Images & words 25th Anniversary tour.
So far in December nothing much happening except I will work on some new songs and studio work for few clients.
Here is what I was listening to in November and December

  1. Beck – Colors
  2. Godsticks – Face with Rage
  3. Grouper – Ruins
  4. St.Vincent – Masseduction
  5. Sons of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony
  6. Rush – Clockworks Angles
  7. VUUR – In this Moment…
  8. Enslaved – E
  9. Radiohead – OKNOTOK


  1. Led Zepellin – III
  2. Galactic Cowboys – Long way back to the Moon
  3. Tears for Fears – Rule the world: The Greatest Hits
  4. David Bowie – Low
  5. Radiohead – The King of Limbs
  6. Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters
  7. U2 – Songs of Experience