Zee’s Playlist – September 2017

Greetings Fellas,
Quite a few things happened since I posted my last August update which was very recent. First, we played a show on last Sunday 10/1 at Beat Kitchen Chicago. The show went well despite little technical issues when Allen (guitar player) broke a guitar string in the middle of the song but we continued playing. We made some good friends and got introduced to some great bands I was really impressed with Sioum if you don’t know about them then make sure to change that.
Second, I did write a new song and started working on the demo, so at the moment I have around 4 demos ready. This is one of the difficult challenges you face when you start writing a follow-up and for me personally, it is even more difficult due to my vast taste in music, music genres for me are like a kid in the candy store, it is always difficult which one to taste first and others to leave for the last 🙂
On the side, the first anniversary of Far and Near is approaching (the album was released on 10/21/16). We have scheduled a couple of music videos in October and November from the album but I don’t think so it will be out by anniversary date. Plus, I do have some plans for a special treat for New Year…more on it later.
I have decided to open my studio doors to the world. Whether you need help in writing songs, music production, live drums recording, solid bass player, re-amping guitars, pro-sounding tones, vocals overdubs, your audio diary, artwork concept and design, editing or directing your next video or anything else I am here to help you send an email to info at firegardenmusic.com and let’s talk your next dream project.

Here are the records I’ve been listening to this September

  1. Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold
  2. Frank Zappa – Live in New York
  3. Leprous – Malina
  4. David Crosby – Lighthouse
  5. The Vicious Head Society – Abject Tomorrow
  6. The Beatles – Revolver
  7. Threshold – Legends of the Shires
  8. Queens of the Stone Age – Villains
  9. The Pineapple Thief – Where We Stood (Live)
  10. Prophets of Rage – Prophets of Rage
  11. The bird and the bee – The bird and the bee


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