Crazy Diamond Reviews Sound of Majestic Colors

Another cool review of ‘Sound of Majestic Colors’ has arrived. Bruce @CarayzeeDiamond from Melodic Revolution Records gives us a rating of Highly Recommended.
Bruce reviews his favorite albums on his blog and wrote about himself as

Being a Rock lover of the 60’s and 70’s I’ve come to Appreciate the New Indie Movement! This is where Today’s Music Resides and it’s Stellar.  AAS Electronics/Digital  Computers, SAU-Tech ’81.

Indie Rock is where it’s at in today’s music. It’s where the creativity is and the passion & could be the future of all music.

Some quotes from the review are as follows



The Joker is fantastic with spoken word dialog building to a hellacious power riff that immediately put me in a Metal state of mind.


Time Machine A track that will have you coming back


Behind the Face quickly transforms into a Metal laden riff that you can sink those Metal teeth into


The album as a whole is a Rock Solid ProgMetal offering from Fire Garden. I’ve owned this album for a few months and it’s one of my favorite ProgMetal albums of the library.


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