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Brad Birzer from ProgArchy has reviewed Fire Garden’s Sound of Majestic Colors as well as some words about the CD packaging

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Visually, Sound of Majestic Colors is an incredible package.  The CD case (very important to me) provides a fascinating mix and incorporation of black and white photography, psychedelia, Macintosh imagery (a play on the spinning beach ball of doom—at the center of the cover photo), and weapons of mass destruction.
If I had to compare it to anything, I would compare it to the best packaging Dream Theater ever produced—that for Train of Thought LP.
Production and mastering—perfect.  The depth to this recording is astounding.  Everything is clear, everything is deep, and everything is layered.
Imagine that same ability, but augmented by and with real story telling strengths and melodic overrtones and undertones.  Combine Dream Theater’s skills with some serious artistic class, and you have Fire Garden.


Confident, melodic, intense, moving, driven.  Fire Garden is the present and the future of progressive metal.  Sound of Majestic Colors is a triumph in every way.


My first reaction to my even asking this is simply: “Holy Schnikees!  Are you kidding me?”


Imagine Dream Theater’s production, but even more top notch.


Fire Garden is not just the present and future of American prog metal, the band is the present and future of all prog metal.


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