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Kenny Norton from Keno’s Album Reviewer Blog has reviewed Fire Garden’s Sound of Majestic Colors. He praised the songwriting and musicanship and highly recommended the album

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The opening song “The Joker” immediately draws the listener in, with a narration of what seems to be one twisted joker speaking to the audience. Once the joker ceases speaking, you are punched in the ears with deep heavy guitar riffs, reminiscent of songs like “As I Am” and “The Enemy Inside” by Dream Theater. This track is loud and heavy, a great way to open any progressive metal album.
The keyboards in other songs are also fun to separate from the rest of the band, as Frank Lucas reminds me of my favorite keyboarder Jordan Rudess. In the songs “The Last Step” and “Time Machine” I feel they are particularly written around the keys, as Lucas steals the show with his solos and other effects.
The lead guitar towards the end of “Alone” is reminiscent of Porcupine Tree, being one of my personal favorite bands. The clean rhythm guitar in “Far From Grace” is a great change of pace, and is beautiful when backing the lead guitar and vocals.



My favorite thing about this album is the musicianship and quality that is evident in each song. Just by listening, you can easily tell the amount of detail and effort that was put into this album.


Fire Garden is not afraid to differentiate from them. Their sound is a tip of the cap to those in the past and present, but is also a fearless step forward into uncharted waters.


This is not an album that was slapped together by a band in a bind.


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