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Progradar from Lady Obscure Music Magazine has recently reviewed Fire Garden latest record ‘Sound of Majestic Colors’.

About the author:

A good salesman from the North of England with too much time on my hands, I have listened to and obsessed about all genres of rock music since I could walk straight! However, my first love is prog rock and all it’s different sub genres and, thanks to The Lady herself, joining the select band of brothers and sisters as an LO author gives me an outlet for my obsession. Mad, wacky but kind and loving with it, my glass is forever half full and my reviews should mirror this! My other obsessions are any form of sport and computer games, oh and I do like the odd drink too!


The artist that has elicited this introduction is Chicago based Fire Garden. I was seriously impressed by their 2012 debut E.P. The Prelude so, when I was asked if I would like to review their first full length release Sound of Majestic Colors it was really a complete no brainer.
The album opens with an archetypal progressive metal number The Joker. The usual mysterious introduction complete with voice over and prophetic , clashing notes gives way to a Dream Theateresque punching riff that hits you right in the vitals along with the powerful bass and drums. The guitar riff then lifts up and runs, fast paced and urgent before the vocals join the throng. It does have a sense of progressive metal by numbers but the execution is done so well that that never interferes with your enjoyment of the track.
Behind the Fence is a well worked song that hits all the right notes with me. Another low key intro is blown away by a monumental riff that will blow more than just the cobwebs out of your hair and the instrumentalists are given something of a free reign for a short time. The vocal is precise and robust and you feel the guys are really growing into this album now, mixing timing changes and tempos to provide an intriguing listening experience.


I am not ashamed to admit I found myself singing along like a demented lunatic


A dark Stephen King novel turned into music


The compassionately sung chorus is smoother than chocolate.


This is a release I expected great things from and it has delivered so well I am speechless.


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