Progressive Music Page Reviewed Fire Garden Sound of Majestic Colors

Fire Garden album cover Sound of Majestic Colors


Rob a.k.a ProgManRob has reviewed Fire Garden latest album ‘Sound of Majestic Colors’. Rob is known for his Progressive Music Page on Facebook as well as wide taste and collection in Progressive Rock community.
He says:

Fire Garden more than delivers on the promise shown on the EP

Some excerpts from the review as follows:
Zee believes in writing actual songs rather than just bars of music that he and keyboardist Frank Lucas can solo over. This is not to say these guys don’t solo but it always suits the song first. A good song is a good song, regardless of length and Zee knows that. The arrangements are tight and allow the band to stretch out when it warrants.
The album is a balance of mini-epics like “Behind The Face”, “Redemption” and “The Last Step” to shorter, catchy songs like the lead single/video “Alone” and “Endless Memories”.Sound Of Majestic Colors was an album that I was definitely looking forward to hearing.

Fire Garden shows the world who they are and does it with confidence and style. Highly recommended!

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