Closet Concert Arena Review of ‘Sound of Majestic Colors’

As people are hearing music, reviews are started to come first of all Vincent Iacocca from Closet Concert Arena blog has reviewed Fire Garden’s latest record ‘Sound of Majestic Colors’. He did review of our EP ‘The Prelude’ as well and praised the musicianship and songwriting.


The sound of Fire Garden’s “Sound of Majestic Colors” is bold, vibrant, exciting, and animated.


Some excerpts from the Review are as follows

Dashing eagerly to the buffet this week, I start at the beginning with “The Joker.”  Fire Garden runs right up to the glass door between your mind and your brain–and proceeds to crash right through.  The intro is dark and eerie and I suddenly realize why there are no clowns in my house.  The guitars pound their way through and hit you from all sides until the drums drive a spike into the back of your head.  Fire Garden seems to be releasing a lot of pent up energy in this first cut; I can feel the emotion coming through the headphones.
Imagine Dream Theater and Atomic Rooster sharing a stage and you start to get the feel for what type of vibe Fire Garden is putting out on this song…skull crushing riffs–check.


The sound is extremely tight;  these guys feed off each other as though they are telepathic.


The band shows amazing range on this tune as well…running through more time and tempo changes while staying true to their distinctive sound

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